Building Codes

Storey County building codes are adopted per resolution, plus all amendments of 04-197 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Storey County Zoning Ordinance, and International Building Codes.

Storey County Community Development utilizes standards outlined by the information from the International Building Code (IBC). These I-Codes are updated every three years by the International Code Council through the governmental consensus process and were last adopted in 2006.

Storey County, as well as state and local governments across the country, have adopted I-Codes specific to local conditions.

County Codes

The following are the 2012 I-Codes adopted by Storey County:

International Building Code - IBC
  • Chapters 1-35 and Appendices C, E, I, and J with amendments in section 15.04.060 and 15.08.060
National Electrical Code - NEC 2011:
  • Chapters 1-9
International Energy Conservation Code - IECC 2009:
  • Chapters 1-6
International Fire Code - IFC
Appendices B, C and D with amendments in section 15.304.08
International Fuel Gas Code - IFGC 2012:
  • Chapters. 1-7 and Appendices
International Mechanical Code - IMC 2012:
  • Chapters 1-15 and Appendix A
Uniform Mechanical Code - UMC 2012:
  • Chapters 2-17, Appendices A, B and C
Uniform Plumbing Code - UPC 2012:
  • Chapters 2-17, Appendices A, B, D, E, F, I and L
International Residential Code - IRC 2012:
  • Chapters 1-44 with Appendices A, B, C, G, H, J, K and M
  • Amendments in section 1504.060 and 15.08.060
International Existing Building Code - IEBC 2012:
  • Chapters 1-16
Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings - UCADB 1997
International Swimming Pool and Spa Code - ISPSC 2012:
  • Chapters 1-11
International Wildland Urban Interface Code - IWUIC 2012:
  • Amendments in section 15.04.080
Northern Nevada Amendments published by Northern Nevada Chapter of the International Code Council
Northern Nevada Energy Code Amendments published by the Northern Nevada Chapter of the International Code Council 2011

: Where conflicts occur between the codes referenced above, the amendments will apply.