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Re:  Bid Proposal for:   Divide Building Tenant Improvement
PWP # ST-2020-050

 To Whom It May Concern:

Storey County will be accepting sealed bids for the above referenced project "Divide Building Tenant Improvements." Bids must be received by no later than December 05, 2019 at 2:00 PM (14:00 hours) local time. Bids received after this date and/or time will not be accepted and will be returned unopened to the sender.  Bids must be clearly marked on the outside envelope.  Electronically transmitted bids will not be accepted.  Storey County reserves the right to reject any bid or to accept the bid which is deemed to be in the best interest of the county.  Bids will be opened and read aloud at 2:10 PM (14:10 hours).

Project Description:  Interior tenant improvements to convert former factory F-1 occupancy (constructed 2016) into office B occupancy to house Virginia Township Justice Court, Storey County Emergency Communications (Dispatch), Storey County IT, and Storey County Data Center, including general architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and life safety as follows:

-          Demolish existing first floor improvements and construct new improvements as indicated.

-          Construction of new second story (indicated as “future mezzanine” on 2015 plans submitted under 2012 edition IBC) consisting of concrete over metal decking over steel framing.

-          New prefabricated staircase consisting of steel stringers with infill concrete pans.

-          New interior flooring consisting of sealing and or staining of existing concrete, and/or new carpet, tile and raised access flooring.

-          New interior walls consisting of light-gauge non-structural metal framing, acoustic insulation, and finished with FRP panels and/or gypsum wallboard, painted, over ballistic resistant fiberglass panels as indicated.

-          New interior ceilings consisting of suspended gypsum wallboard and/or acoustic panel ceilings.

-          New skylights.

-          Infill of exterior openings as indicated.

-          Mechanical, plumbing and electrical work as indicated.

-          Site improvements as indicated.

-          Fire suppression and fire alarm upgrades

Interested parties should deliver their bid to the name and address listed below in a sealed envelope labeled as follows: 

Bid Submission
Storey County
26 South B Street
Virginia City NV 89440
Attn:    Mike Northan

Bids must be prepared and submitted using the bid forms provided and must be typed or printed and then signed in ink.

         All bids received by the deadline date and time shall be reviewed by Storey County. All bids must include all requested work items, conform to the Project Standards/Specifications and be responsive, accurate, and cost reasonable. Storey County will select the contractor to perform all construction work required and the contract will be executed between Storey County and the winning contractor.  THIS PROJECT IS SUBJECT TO PREVAILING WAGE RATES.  A Bid will be considered non-responsive unless the forms required in Division 00 – BIDDING DOCUMENTS are completed, signed and returned with the Bid.

BONDING/LICENSING: A Bid Bond in the amount of 5% of bid amount is required.  This bid bond will function as a penalty in the event the successful bidder fails to enter into a written contract with Storey County in accordance with the bid documents.  Additionally, Storey County will be entitled to actual damages, if any.  Prospective bidders will be required to have a current Contractor’s License under the Nevada State Law for the type of work specified herein. You are reminded that your bid should be inclusive of all taxes, fees and permits.

  All requests for information or clarification should be in written form (email) and directed to Storey County Project Coordinator Mike Northan,  Questions will be received and addressed up until three days prior to bid opening.

Upon selection of the winning contractor, Storey County will send a Bid Award Notice to the selected contractor. The Bid Award Notice will advise the selected contractor of the date, time and location of the pre-construction conference that must take place before start of any work. Upon satisfactory completion of the pre-construction conference, Storey County will issue a "Notice to Proceed," which must be executed by the selected contractor as well.

Digital copies of the bid package (drawings, specification and related documents) are available for download.  Please contact Dube Group Architecture at (775) 323-1001 for assistance in obtaining a bid package.  Questions or comments regarding this project must be submitted electronically via email to

Thank you for your consideration of this Invitation to Bid.


Mike Northan, Project Coordinator

Storey County Department of Public Works


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