Volunteer Fire Chiefs

Chief:  Al Drake
Assistant Chief:  Jeff Goldsworthy

Volunteer Fire Department Board

President: Mike Cecchini
Vice President:  Vacant
Secretary:  Kristen Chandler
Treasurer:  Tom Buck
Sargent at Arms:  Toni Burton
Executive Director:  Joe Curtis

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Volunteer Application

Volunteer Constitution

Volunteer By Laws

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Volunteer Fire Department Team

Since 1860 Storey County has been served by a Volunteer Fire Department function. Although the County now has the dedicated service of a core of career staff Firefighters and Paramedics located in three of the four county stations, the Fire Department/Emergency Medical functions must still be backed up with the Volunteer Firefighter system to be able to get the job done. The 16 career personnel are a bare minimum for staffing the three stations on a 24/7 basis. The two entities work very well together.

The Storey County Volunteer Fire Department had always consisted of one station located on C Street in Virginia City until 2001 when the County took formal oversight of the Volunteer fire stations located in the Virginia City Highlands, Lockwood and Six Mile Canyon (Mark Twain Estates) areas. These autonomous volunteer stations had been established in the 1970’s or before but had been under the Nevada Division of Forestry oversight. Although they retained autonomy the County ensure that adequate and sufficient equipment and operating materials are situated in each of the four stations.

Today, each District still maintains it’s autonomous Volunteer Fire Department and personnel to provide backup and initial response to fire, medical and all hazard events occurring within their respective districts.

The Storey County Volunteer Fire Department system is a very progressive, effective, and respected organization throughout the state. They train together, work together and have interactive social events together. On a given incident the citizen would never know who is a volunteer and who is a career person. We have both male and female firefighters.

Being an active member of a Volunteer Fire Department is of great importance to your community or county. Participation in helping to protect your own neighborhoods and communities is heavy with personal satisfaction and instills pride and a sense of accomplishment. Volunteer fire departments outnumber career fire departments in America by a three to one margin. It is a civic responsibility for those able and willing. Volunteer members are highly regarded in their communities and so they should be.


embership in any of these volunteer fire departments is overseen on both a centralized basis by the Storey County Fire Department and on a localized basis by the individual Volunteer Fire Department. They cooperate and work together to accomplish the overall goal of protecting Storey County through the combined career/volunteer functions. Membership is based on a comprehensive application and background investigation basis. Both men and women are currently members and serve proudly and effectively within the program. Being in good health and physically fit is important. Members are required to undergo annual physical medical examinations to ensure fitness for duty.

Anyone is welcome to apply for membership and involvement in the VFD system with any of the four districts. Applications can be obtained on line (see link below) or by contacting the station in your particular district.

The VFD function may, at any time, find itself working to support the Sheriff’s Department, Public Works Department or other aspects of County government. Community public awareness programs, training, public assistance and many other helpful activities to support the community.

Each VFD may hold its own fund raising activities to support its group of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers have uniforms they wear which are compatible with the career staff uniforms. The idea is that there should be no real visual difference between a career person and a VFD person. We are all on the same team and function side by side in all emergency events. This means all VFD personnel must strive to perform to a high level of competency so as to establish their own credibility factor and to be able to instill confidence in your fellow VFD members as well as by the Career staff.

We strongly encourage anyone with interest in involvement as a volunteer firefighter to explore participation at their local Volunteer Fire Department. We are always in need of civic minded people to serve within the VFD system in all districts of Storey County. Active members are covered by County provided employer insurance and the state guaranteed heart and lung insurance provisions.


VFD members from any or all stations will respond on all emergencies for which they are specifically notified to respond. Structure fires, wildland fires, out of district wildland fire assignments (often to other states -- for which they are paid), motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, hazardous materials incidents, emergency medical events, man made disasters, and general rescues are but a sampling of the types of events Volunteer personnel are tasked to respond to and work together to mitigate.

The Volunteer Fire Departments function under a common Constitution and largely similar By-laws. They are autonomous Nevada non-profit corpor-ations in and of themselves and maintain their own identity. They each have their own identifying patch and logos yet function within a common environment under the auspices of the Storey County Fire Department…the sanctioning county department, if you will. Storey County provides for all of the apparatus (fire trucks) and specialized equipment needed to make each station fully functional. The individual Vol. Fire Departments often purchase various types of equipment to help equip their own districts through fund raising efforts they put on. Special events within the County, such as car and motorcycle races, provide opportunities for the individual departments to earn a few dollars for either their own treasuries or for the individual members of those departments.


Training for Volunteers is coordinated by a career fire Captain and training is extensive and can be intensive. Each volunteer has most of the same training requirements as that of a career firefighter. Volunteers are each issued protective equipment and associated items that are valued at about $5,000.00, or more, for which they expected to take care of. Classroom training, field training and live fire burn training is a regular function of the department. Fire Fighter 1 classes are held at least once a year as well as Basic or Intermediate Emergency Medical Technician classes. All personnel are required to attend the FF 1 level training. Hazardous Materials, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and WMD Awareness are also required training classes. Higher level medical classes or other specialized Hazmat classes are optional. Continued monthly training.

Student Member Program

Volunteer firefighter service can begin at the age of 16 as a Student Member of the Department while they are still in High School. They can receive one half of one school credit with the high school for their satisfactory involvement with this program. They must maintain a “C” average in their school work during participation in the VFD.
Student members will receive the same training as a regular Volunteer and, after that training, may likely perform many of the same duties as a regular Volunteer during the course of an emergency event.

Many of our current career firefighters within Storey County started out as student members, including the current County Fire Chief, Gary Hames. Several other former members have gone on to firefighting careers in other regional or out of the area fire departments.


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