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Planning Updates

It has become apparent that regional growth concerns have arrived in Storey County.  The final outcome will most certainly be determined thru a process that provides for public input, debate and deliberation.

In order to provide up-to-date information to all interested parties, we have expanded our website “breaking news” pages to provide a new section where information will be publicly posted as it becomes available.  It will never be our intent or scope to use this new section, known as “Planning Updates” to editorialize or take sides.  The public process will provide for that.  Instead, we hope to provide everyone immediate and full access to documents and notices as our Planning Commission and County Commission will see them.  Individuals with specific comments are strongly encouraged to attend scheduled meetings and speak.  You may also address emails to Planning_Input@StoreyCounty.org.  Your emails will be forwarded to both the Planning and County Commissioners.

Interested parties may want to "Bookmark" the Storey County Homepage (http://www.storeycounty.org/ or the new Planning Update page (http://www.storeycounty.org/Planning_Updates) as sources of updated information.  One of the great features of the Storey County website is an “instant notification service”.  This service provides email notification whenever new postings are made to the Planning Updates, Breaking News or County Commissioner’s Meeting Agendas/Minutes pages.  Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes are not yet linked to this service, but we will temporarily post copies in the Planning Update section which will generate an automatic notification.  To sign up for the “instant notification service”, please email Commissioners@StoreyCounty.org and request which section(s) you are interested in.  

Date Posted: (1/27/2015) Posted by: Storey County Planning Dept.
Planning Updates

During the April 13th Planning Commission meeting, we became aware of problems accessing public information posted on the County website. First, we want to again assure everyone that all information that has been previously posted remains on the website. However, space design limitations have made it more difficult to readily access some information.  The apparent cause of this problem is there are only a limited amout of postings that can appear on our homepage and newer postings "bump" the older ones off the homepage but not off the website. We will work with our web designer to make access to all information easier to navigate.

In the meantime you may continue to  click on www.StoreyCounty.org/Planning_Updates to access all posted information. Anyone continuing to experience difficulty or having questions are encouraged to contact us.


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