Frequently Asked Questions

Are documents available to view online?

YES! Documents are available to view on our website from July 1996-present. In addition, a summary of recorded documents is available online from 1983 to present. If a document is not available for viewing online, you will need to come into the office to view it.

How often are the records updated?

Once a document has been recorded, it generally takes a day or two for the summary information to be available. Images for current recorded documents are generally available within two weeks of the recording date.

I tried to request a document from 1971 but got no results. Am I doing something wrong?

No, there are no indexes or images online for that time period. The online index is available from 1983 to present. Images of documents are available from 1996 to present. Indexes prior to 1983 and images prior to 1996 are on microfilm or fiche and must be requested from the Storey County Recorder’s Office.

Are there any plans to back scan older documents from a book or on microfilm?

YES! The Recorder’s Office is always back indexing documents and back scanning. Before images of documents are released online, they have to be redacted (double checked for personal information). We are continually striving to open up more public information. Check back often!

What is the purpose of "recording" documents?

People have felt the need to produce a record of their transactions and dealings with one another since the beginning of human commerce. Some of the earliest known writings have been found to be inventories, tax records and records of exchanges of goods. Modern societies have found established archives valuable for tracing and proving the legal ownership of land and other property and as a means of establishing rights and claims to minerals, and structures. The purpose of "recording" a document is to preserve it in an "archive" that is accessible when questions of precedence or ownership arise. The Archive, by providing equal access to all for both preserving and researching documents acts as an unbiased arbitrator for the public good. An actively updated central repository for a county allows persons to both notify and be notified of actions that may affect them and their real property without searching potentially endless databases for hundreds of companies.

When is the best time to record a document?

Office hours are 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday. You may record documents at any time between these hours.

Please note that Fridays and the days before and after a holiday are extremely busy, as well as the last day of the month. To expedite the recording process, please view Recording Requirements before visiting the office.

Can/Will the Recorder's Office assist me in filling out my documents or forms?

No. The Recorder's Office employees are not authorized to practice law and are forbidden by state statute to offer legal advice. If you need assistance in filling out your forms, please consult with your attorney or other title or land rights professional.

Why do I have to pay an additional $25.00 to record my document?

Unfortunately, the document to be recorded did not conform to general recording requirements. When a document does not conform to these requirements, under NRS 247.305, a recorder may collect an additional $25.00 non-standard document fee. According to NRS 247.306:

If a county recorder imposes an additional fee pursuant to subsection 2 of NRS 247.305, the proceeds collected from such a fee must be accounted for separately in the county general fund. Any interest earned on money in the account, after deducting any applicable charges, must be credited to the account. Money that remains in the account at the end of a fiscal year does not revert to the county general fund, and the balance in the account must be carried forward to the next fiscal year. The money in the account must be used only to acquire technology for or improve the technology used in the office of the county recorder, including, without limitation, costs related to acquiring or improving technology for converting and archiving records, purchasing hardware and software, maintaining the technology, training employees in the operation of the technology and contracting for professional services relating to the technology.

Please understand that while we do not enjoy taking additional money from our taxpayers, this fee helps us to help you!

How do I get a copy of my marriage license and/or certificate?

The marriage license (application) is the document you filled out in the County Clerk’s Office. It contains information about the bride and groom (i.e. date and place of birth, parents names, etc.). To order a copy of your marriage license, please contact the County Clerk’s Office at:

The marriage certificate is the document that is completed by the licensed official who performs the ceremony. By law, the marriage official has up to 10 days to bring the certificate to the Recorder's Office for recording. The certificate shows the date of your marriage, the place where the marriage was performed, the name of the witness to the marriage, the name of the marriage official who performed the wedding ceremony, and other information.

You may request a copy or a certified copy of your marriage certificate via mail, phone or email. Please send an email request with as much information as possible: Certificate number, document number, date of marriage, name of bride, and/or name of groom to

The fee for a CERTIFIED copy of a marriage certificate is $15.00. We do accept credit card payments, but please be aware that there is a surcharge for credit card payments. See the FEES section for more information. Please be advised that requests for certified copies of marriage certificates may take approximately 1 - 2 weeks.

I was married in Storey County. How do I get a divorce or an annulment?

The Recorder’s Office does not handle divorces or annulments. Please contact the Storey County Clerk/Treasurers office for help: (775) 847-0969 or visit their webpage for more information:

When I print out a document from home I see “unofficial document” printed on the page. Why?

The Recorders Office is obligated by law to collect fees for official copies of recorded documents. In addition, it is difficult to control the validity of documents that are not reproduced by the Recorder or a Deputy Recorder. With computer software available on many computers, the document could be tampered with and could be presented as a true and correct copy of an official public record. Our intent is to ensure that accurate public information is available. If an official or certified copy is required, you can request one by completing a document request form (under Standard Forms) and either mail it to us with the correct fees or request copies in person at the Storey County Recorder’s Office.

Do you accept faxed requests or fax copies back?

No. We only accept mailed in requests that will be returned by mail or email. Documents submitted for recording MUST be originals or certified copies of originals.

Do you have birth and death records?

Yes and No! We have historical information only – no current records! The Recorder’s Office has Birth and Death Records from 1887-1949. After 1911, records are filed at Vital Statistics.

Do you have a Notary Public available in your office?

No – but there are several Notaries Public located within the same building.

I want to change the name(s) on my property. Can you help me?

No, unfortunately. By law, we are prohibited from giving legal advice and this includes providing forms that are commonly used for property transfers (such as a “deed”). We generally suggest that you contact legal assistance from a title company, an attorney or other land rights professionals. 



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