The following are frequently asked questions the Storey County Communications Center receives. Feel free to browse these questions or contact our office directly at (775) 847-0950.

How do I find out about weather related alerts?
If there are any important alerts related to weather, including evacuations or road and school closures, you can call 847-INFO for an updated recording of information as well as what you should do in the event of severe weather.

When is open burn season?
Depending on weather conditions the burn season usually opens in late October and closes in May.  Please contact the Fire Department at 775-847-0954 to obtain a Burn Permit.

Is there school today?
Please visit or call 775-847-INFO for information.  You may also contact the School District office at 775-847-0983

What are the road conditions in Storey County?
You may call 775-847-INFO.  You may also call 511 for road conditions in the State of Nevada

My neighbors are being disruptive. Should I call 911?
911 is specifically for emergency related calls. An emergency is defined as an immediate threat to life and/or property that requires a response from sheriff, fire or medical personnel. If your neighbors are in danger or you fear they may be putting someone else in danger, please call 911.

However, if this is not an emergency, we ask that you call the dispatch center at (775) 847-0950. Our communications specialists will direct your call to the appropriate authorities.

Can I include information about our neighborhood garage sale on 847-INFO?
No. 847-INFO is reserved specifically for community wide events. Events such as blood drives, parades, festivals, fundraisers and other community wide events are published on 847-INFO.

How do I ensure all of my phone numbers are registered with City Watch?
The only phone numbers that are automatically stored in the City Watch reverse 911 system are AT&T land line numbers in Storey County. If you’d like your cell phone, office phone or other secondary phone numbers listed, we ask that you contact the Communications Center at (775) 847-0950 or send an e-mail request to You can also download a City Watch request form by clicking here.

What information do I need to have to make an emergency 911 call? What questions will be asked?
The first question that Emergency Dispatchers will ask you is the location of your emergency. If you are unsure, it is helpful if you know the approximate location of the emergency. Communications Specialists are specially trained to ask questions of all emergency callers. Some of the questions that will be asked when you call 9-1-1 include:
        WHERE? Where is the incident taking place? Where is the fire? Where is the crime?                 Where is the patient? Where are you? Where is the suspect?
        WHAT? What is the nature of the call? What are you reporting? What type of crime? What        type of fire? Brush, structure, wildland? What kind of illness or injury.
        WHO? Who is involved? Who needs an ambulance? Who are you? Who is the suspect?         How old is the person? Is the person conscious? Is the person breathing?
        WHEN? When did this happen? Is it in progress? Did it just occur?
        WEAPONS? Are there any weapons involved? Does anyone have access to weapons?

How do I know when I should call 911?
Generally speaking, if you ever wonder if you should call 911, then you should place the call. Our communications specialists are specially trained to ask appropriate questions to help determine how emergent a situation is and which emergency services should be dispatched. Always call 911 if you are witnessing a crime, a fire or are reporting a serious illness or injury and for alerting authorities to missing persons.

There are, however, certain instances when calling 911 is not appropriate. These situations include:

When not to call 911:

  • To get the time or date
  • To get a phone number
  • To report improper parking
  • To find out weather conditions
  • To get road conditions
  • To report barking dogs
  • To report stray animals
  • To report missing pets
  • As a prank
  • To find out if it’s burn season
  • To determine if school is canceled due to weather


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