Community Development, Building, & Fire Prevention


Storey County Community Development is standing by to assist residents and businesses who are undertaking either a new development or remodeling an existing structure. We provide the following services to ensure our county’s developments consistently meet a high level of standards:

  • Process and issue building permit applications and receive payments
  • Review and approve plans and specifications for construction
  • Provide ongoing inspection of projects through occupancy
  • Enforce codes and ordinances adopted by the County Commissioners
  • Ensure safety of buildings and projects by providing plan checks


Storey County Community Development issues a variety of permits depending upon the scope of work to be undertaken. Before a building permit can be issued for residential or commercial construction or manufactured home placement, land use, sanitation, driveway, and building plan requirements must be satisfied.

Therefore, to help expedite the permit process, we recommend that you contact the Building Department at 775-847-0966 or and speak with staff regarding the scope of work and requirements for submission. 

Storey County Fire District SOG #O-08: Hydrants--Review guidelines on hydrant maintenance

Special Inspection Policy--take a closer look at Storey County Community Development's Requirements and Processes for Special Inspections.


Storey County's Community Development, Building, and Fire Prevention Department adheres to and enforces the following codes:

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