There are several laws involving landlord/tenant issues. 

NRS Chapter 40 outlines the procedures for eviction and notice.
NRS Chapter 118 addresses discrimination in housing.
NRS Chapter 118A applies to landlord and tenant relationships involving a dwelling.
NRS Chapter 118B applies to landlord and tenant relationships involving a mobile home park.

As of 07-01-2019, there are new procedures for commercial landlord-tenant issues.  Forms are available at our office and on-line.

You may access the above chapters on-line at Nevada Supreme Court Law Library or by visiting your nearest law library.

Forms for use in our court are available on our Forms page. The forms and instructions are basic and general; they do not fit all situations. Many law matters involve complex and valuable legal rights. To protect your rights, you should consider consulting with an attorney. 
Our court staff is always happy to help you. It is against the law, however, for them to offer legal advice.