Animal Control

General Information

Helping to maintain a safe, pleasant, comfortable community is the primary function of the Storey County Sheriff’s Office. As such, our duties extend even beyond the people of our county to include the general welfare of animals - all those great and small. The Sheriff’s Office helps assure that pets and wild animals live together with people in safety and harmony.

Additionally, we monitor rabies vaccination compliance by enforcing animal licensing.


Storey County has kennels for housing animals at the jail on State Route 341. Any animals that are picked up by deputies are housed there until their owner can be located or a suitable home can be found.

If you have lost a pet, you can check with the jail by calling 775-847-0973 or contact the communications center at 775-847-0950.

Lost/Stray Animals

Should you discover an animal that appears to be lost or injured, please contact the Storey County Sheriff’s Office at 775-847-0950 with the location of the animal. Our deputy will attempt to locate the animal and transport it safely to our shelter.