The Storey County Recorder's Office remains OPEN for business.

We do ask that you call or email to set up an appointment time so we can review documents and requests ahead of time.

If possible, we encourage you to submit recordings electronically or by mail:

Storey County Recorder, 26 S B St, PO Box 493, Virginia City, NV 89440
*Make check or money order payable to Storey County Recorder

Document copies, certified copies, and certified copies of marriages are available over the phone and email.  

Official Records (back to 1982), Marriages (after 1974), and Genealogy Records (marriages pre-1974, births, and deaths), commonly used forms, and more are all available on this site.  

Please contact our office directly for assistance if you are unable to find the information that you need.  Our staff is available to provide records and data to you electronically or via mail as well.

Please call ahead if you have a research project as we may be able help you without necessitating an office visit.

Thank you for your understanding, and please stay safe and healthy!

The County Recorder is charged with recording documents and filing maps. This office is also responsible for maintaining cross reference indexes to these records. The office provides retrieval of records for public viewing and produces copies and certifications of records. Real property transfer tax is collected on transfers of real property.

The primary goal of the Storey County Recorder’s Office is to maintain accurate, reliable stewardship of the county's public records through strict compliance with all applicable laws and the dedication of professional, well-trained staff. We are committed to protecting and preserving the integrity of the county’s historical records while providing increased access to records and staying technologically viable as we progress to the future.
Jack Greenhalgh

Types of Documents Recorded

Some examples of recorded documents are:
  • Declaration of homesteads
  • Deeds of trust
  • Deeds
  • Federal tax liens
  • Notices of completion
Other examples include:
  • Land maps
  • Marriage certificates
  • Mining papers
All recorded documents are microfilmed for permanent retention. At this time our computer indexes begin around 1982 and are available for searching online.

Recorded documents and maps are public records and are available for public viewing at our office. At this time, public viewing of the actual document is available online beginning around July 1, 1988.