Water System

Virginia City, Gold Hill, & Silver City

The water system used in Storey County dates back to the 1870s. The first major water supply project was the development of a transmission line--which was constructed in 1873--and delivered water from Hobart Reservoir to Virginia City. This transmission line, although it has received numerous updates and replacements, remains the only source of water for Storey County to this day. 

The State of Nevada purchased the water system in 1963, and the county purchased the system from the state in 1974. Today, the water system in use is owned by Storey County.

The water used in Storey County has been transmitted west to east, from Hobart Dam in the Sierra Nevada mountains to Lakeview Summit, through the Five-Mile Reservoir to Virginia City.

Other Areas of Storey County

The Virginia City Highlands uses wells and septic systems.