Department of Motor Vehicles

NOTICE: Storey County DMV services are currently available by walk in for STOREY AND LYON COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY. 

Per the Department of Motor Vehicle’s instructions for re-opening rural offices, at this time, the Storey County DMV Office will only provide services to Storey County residents. Services that are available include: Renewals of existing registrations; new registrations for current Nevada and Storey County residents; and titles. DMV asks that individuals come prepared with all necessary materials and paperwork complete to avoid being turned away.

As a reminder, the Storey County DMV does NOT provide any services relating to Nevada identifications/driver’s licenses or any insurance sanctions/suspensions. Individuals needing such services need to contact a full-service DMV office for assistance.

Occupancy is limited to five individuals at a time for DMV services. If occupancy is met, individuals may be asked to wait outside until existing occupants leave.

For more information concerning the Department of Motor Vehicle’s plans for reopening offices, limited services and available online services visit online here.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has also updated their Extension Letter, effective June 8, 2020. It can be obtained at

The Storey County Clerk/Treasurer’s Office is a contract sub-station of the Department of Motor Vehicles and provides vehicle registration and titling services for residents of our communities. 

Services Available

The Storey County Clerk/Treasurer’s office is able to accept credit or debit/credit cards for DMV payments. At the Storey County Clerk/Treasurer’s Office, you may renew an existing registration or register a new vehicle. To obtain record printouts and driver licenses, or to take driver courses and tests, you must visit a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office in neighboring Carson City or Reno.

For information about titling and registering Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs), please visit the Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles website.

To better prepare you for a visit to the office, the DMV has made forms available for download just a click away. We encourage you to download the appropriate form(s) in advance of your visit. Please be advised, many DMV forms require either a notarized signature or for you to sign the form in the presence of a DMV employee.

Location information of DMV offices and DMV forms

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to register my car that was purchased from a NEVADA DEALER?

-Dealer Report of Sale

-Proof of NEVADA insurance (except trailers)

2. What do I need to register my car that was purchased from an OUT OF STATE DEALER?

-Dealer’s contract or lease agreement

-Title or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (if applicable) Proof of NEVADA insurance (except trailers) Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIN check) NEVADA sales tax will be collected, unless proof that taxes were paid in another state is provided

3.What do I need to register my car that was purchased from a PRIVATE PARTY?

-Title – If title was issued from any state other than Nevada, must obtain a Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIN check) Proof of NEVADA insurance (except trailers) Other documentation may be required depending on circumstances.

4. What do I need to register my car that is currently REGISTERED IN ANOTHER STATE?

-Current out-of-state registration

-Proof of NEVADA insurance (except trailers) Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIN check)

5. Can I renew my driver’s license or get a new driver’s license (or ID card) at the Storey County DMV?

-No. Storey County DMV only offers vehicle transactions.  All driver’s license and ID card issues must be done through the nearest full-service DMV office.

Please note: Residents of Storey County are not required to obtain a Nevada Emission Vehicle Inspection Report (smog check).

Expedited Service

To help you prepare for your visit to the DMV and to expedite your requests, we encourage you to visit the State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle’s website for the appropriate forms and directions for completing each form.