Storey County PO Box 176 Virginia City, NV 89440

Boards, Commissions & Committees

Board of Commissioners
As the county’s governing board, the Board of Commissioners has vast responsibilities spanning from budgeting to policy enactment and enforcement. Listed on this page are some of the many services the Storey County Commissioners provides the residents and businesses of the county

Board of Equalization
The Board of Equalization hears and decides appeals concerning assessments of real and personal property valuations, denials of senior citizen/disabled persons exemptions, denials of home improvement exemptions, current use determinations, destroyed property determinations, and claims for either real or personal property tax exemptions.

Historic District
The Historic District oversees mandates for properties within the district boundaries in an effort to maintain the historic character and integrity of the Comstock.

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
LEPCs work to identify chemical hazards, develop and maintain emergency plans in case of an accidental release, and encourage continuous attention to chemical safety, risk reduction, and accident prevention in their communities.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission assists the Planning Department on issues concerning planning and zoning within Storey County.