Storey County PO Box 176 Virginia City, NV 89440

Election Information


Early Voting Has Opened!


Monday – Friday               Oct. 24th – 28th                   8am – 6pm         VC Slammer

Saturday                            Oct. 29th                             10am – 2pm        VC Slammer and Lockwood Fire Station

Monday – Friday               Oct. 31st – Nov. 4th             8am – 6pm          VC Slammer


Tuesday                               Nov. 8th                 7am – 7pm          VC Courthouse Slammer/Museum
                                                                                                        Mark Twain Community Center
                                                                                                        VC Highlands Fire Station #2
                                                                                                        Lockwood Fire Station #4

Sample ballots will be available in the Clerk’s Office and at all Polling Centers.

Mail ballots must be post marked no later than Election Day, November 8th and may also be dropped-off at the Clerk’s Office as well as at the polling locations through Early Voting and on Election Day.

For further information please call or visit the County Clerk’s Office: 775-847-0969 / 2nd Floor, Storey County Courthouse, 26 South B Street, Virginia City.

Note: Keeping Your Voter Registration Information up to Date is Important!

Election Information

The Storey County Clerk's Office conducts all elections in Storey County.

Following the guidelines set forth in Nevada Revised Statutes, every two years the Storey County Clerk receives an Election Calendar from the Nevada Secretary of State. Immediately upon receipt of the Certified List of Candidates from the Nevada Secretary of State, the County Clerk publishes a notice of Primary Election. 


State of Nevada Mail Ballot Preference Form (Opt Out)
Note: Keeping Your Voter Registration Information up to Date is Important!

Requirements for Registering to Vote

To vote in Storey County, you must be a registered voter of Storey County, Nevada. To register to vote, the following criteria must be met:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • At least 18 years old by Election Day
  • A resident of your precinct at least 30 days prior to an election
  • Federal law requires 1st time voters who register by mail to show proof of identification in order to vote
    • If you register by mail, you must vote in person the 1st time

Register in Person

  • You can register to vote in Storey County at the Virginia City Courthouse in the Clerk's Office:
26 S. B St.
Virginia City, NV 89440
  • You can register to vote at any full service Nevada State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) or any Clerk's Office in the State of Nevada. Storey County's Satellite DMV services is authorized to accept voter registrations.Please contact the Clerk's Office at 775-847-0969 for more information.

Mail-in Application Form

You can complete a mail-in voter application form and return it to the Storey County Clerk's Office. The Clerk's Office can also mail you an application form upon your request.

Contact the Clerk's Office today for more information, 775-847-0969.

Online Voter Registration

Online voter registration is now available for residents of all Nevada counties. Eligible voters can register to vote and update their voter registration information online, including change of address and party affiliation. A DMV issued driver's license or ID is required.

When to Re-Register

Your registration is permanent unless you move or change your name. If you move to another Nevada county, you must re-register in that particular county. Additionally, if you have recently changed your name or moved within the county, please contact the Storey County Clerk's Office at 775-847-0969 for a new voter registration form.

  • You must re-register if you did not vote in the last 2 General Elections
  • You must fill out a new Voter Registration Form if:
  • you have had a name change
  • you had a change of residential address within Storey County
  • your mailing address has changed
  • you wish to change your party affiliation
Please note: Updating your DMV or Post Office records will not update your Voter Registration information.

Obtaining & Completing an FPCA

The FPCA is available through a variety of sources. You may obtain it from Voting Officers at military bases, U.S. embassies, or consulates. It is also available from the Storey County Clerk's Office and online at the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) website.

Where to Vote

At Your "Polling Place" on Election Day

Your Registered Voter’s Card will inform you of the precinct in which you’re registered. This is the precinct in which you will vote. Additionally, your polling place will be shown on the mailing label on your Sample Ballot.

You can also contact the Storey County Clerk's Office at 775-847-0969 to find out your polling place.

Before Election Day "Early Voting"

You can vote from the Saturday 17 days before the election through the Friday before the election. Early voting is held at:

Courthouse Slammer
26 South B Street
Virginia City, NV 89440

Contact the Storey County Clerk's Office at 775-847-0969 for the dates and times for when you can vote early.

By Absentee

Any voter can choose to vote at home by mail. You must request an Absentee Ballot in writing, as we need your signature to make sure we do not give your ballot to someone else.

Contact the Storey County Clerk's Office at 775-847-0969 to have an Absentee Ballot Request Card sent to you.

If you do not have this form, you can also request a mail ballot by writing a letter or postcard to:
Storey County Clerk's Office
Drawer “D”
Virginia City, NV 89440

Note: You must send in the request for an Absentee ballot at least 1 week before the election. If you are a first-time voter, you cannot vote by mail unless you signed up in person or at the DMV, or are disabled.

Submitting Absentee Ballot

After you send in your form, you will receive a ballot in the mail. When you vote at home, you can take as long as you want. Your family and friends can help you. Be sure to send your Mail Ballot back so that it is received by 7 p.m. on Election Day. Or, on Election Day, you can drop it off at any polling place in your county from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

If you vote by mail, you can't vote at the polls too. Only one vote per person!