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Storey County has one countywide tax district. The tax rate in Storey County is based on the amount of monies budgeted for government-provided services, such as:

  • Capital projects
    • Flood control
    • Transportation

  • Fire
  • Libraries
  • Parks
  • Police
  • Schools
This budget is set and managed by the Storey County Commissioners Office.

Delinquent Payment Penalty Calculation
Penalties for delinquent property taxes are calculated at:

  • 4% for 1 installment that is delinquent
  • 5% for any 2 installments that are delinquent
  • 6% for any 3 installments that are delinquent
  • 7% for any 4 installments that are delinquent

Prior year’s delinquent property taxes are penalized at 10% annual interest.

Delinquent Payment Property Sale list (Tax Lien Sales)
Storey County’s tax lien sales follow the guidelines set forth by the Nevada Revised Statutes (Chapter 361). All property (real) taxes must be collected in order to meet the budget of the county. Therefore, Tax Lien Sales are held to collect any unpaid taxes.

Any property that continues to have delinquent taxes due at the end of April each year will be advertised as delinquent in the local newspaper. Should a property have continuing delinquent outstanding taxes at the end of 3 years, the treasurer will take a trustee deed to the property and begin the process to sell the property at a tax sale.

Tax sales are scheduled at least 4 months prior to being held, in order to allow property owners ample notice. The commissioners then meet regarding these proposed properties for tax sale. Generally, once there are 10 or more properties, the county will hold a tax sale.

Delinquent Tax Auction
Storey County currently has a tax sale scheduled for August 15, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. Please periodically check this site for updated information.  You must be present to bid.

Current Tax Auction List for August 15, 2016

Per NRS 361.585 and 361.590, property which is delinquent three consecutive fiscal years is deeded into the name of the Storey County Treasurer for the state and county.  Once property is placed in the name of the County Treasurer as Trustee, the property is subject to be auction for non-payment of taxes.

Please see tax sale requirements below:

  • Registration is conducted on the day of the auction at no cost. A valid driver's license or I.D. is required. All bidders must arrive and be in the registration line by 8:30 am to be eligible to register and receive their bidder number and instructions prior to the start of the auction. Prospective bidders who arrive after the 8:30 am deadline will not be registered or allowed to bid. The auction is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am. In the event bidders are still being registered, the auction will begin when all eligible bidders have been registered and are seated.
  • All bidders must have completed the registration process and be seated in the designated bidder seating area. In the event the bidder seating area is filled, non-bidders will be asked to sit in the observation area.
  • A $500 non-refundable deposit is due for any successful bid and the remaining balance is due in full by 5:00 p.m. the day of the sale.
  • We only accept cash, cashier's check, certified check and/or money orders for payment.
Documentation following a completed sale:
  • A quitclaim deed will be prepared using the information on the bidder registration form.  The Treasurer's Office will record the deed to the property within 30 days of the auction date.
Investigate before you bid:
  • It is the responsibility of prospective purchasers to conduct their own research prior to the auction as to the use of the property for their intended purpose and to make a personal inspection of the property to determine if it will be suitable for the purpose for which it is being purchased.
  • The County makes no representation or claims for purpose, ingress/egress, conditions, covenants or restrictions.  The County's sole interest is the recovery of all delinquent taxes, penalties, interest, and costs.
  • There is a two year period in which the previous owner may protest the sale.  During this period, you may not be able to obtain title insurance.  You should contact a title company for more information regarding issuance of title insurance.
Minimum Bid:
  • The minimum bid will vary for each property to be auctioned.  Opening bid is for the amount of delinquent taxes, delinquent assessments, costs, interest, and penalties. 

Delinquent Tax Auction Excess Proceeds
Once proceeds are collected for all property in Storey County resulting from a tax sale and the County Treasurer has paid all the taxes and costs on the property, the treasurer shall deposit into the general fund of the county the 1st $300 of the excess proceeds from the sale, as well as 10% of the next $10,000 of excess proceeds.

Any remaining amount of the excess proceeds from the sale will be deposited into an interest-bearing account maintained for the purpose of holding excess proceeds separate from other money of the county. If no claim is made for the money within one year after the sale of the property, the County Treasurer shall pay the money into the general fund.

New Property Owners/Existing Property Owners
The treasurer's office mails out real property tax bills only once each year. If you do not receive your tax bill by August 1 each year, please contact the Storey County Treasurer’s at 775-847-0969 office to request a copy. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the responsibility for payment, nor constitute cause for cancellation of penalty and/or cost charges if the tax bill becomes delinquent.

Anyone who purchases property in Storey County is independently responsible for current or delinquent taxes and penalties and assumes full liability for payment of the taxes. Generally, your title company will inform you of any taxes due at the time of sale.

If you have any questions regarding due taxes, please contact the Storey County Treasurer’s Office at 775-847-0969.

Zoning & Building Requirements
If you are interested in obtaining building permits or examining county zoning requirements, please contact the Storey County Building Department at 775-847-0966.

Change of Address Requests
To officially change your address with Storey County, you must submit the request in writing. You can fax or mail a letter stating your new address to the County Assessor's Office. Additionally, on the front of your property tax payment coupon, there is a place to complete the information required for change of address.

Forms or letters may be sent to:

Storey County Assessor's Office
P.O. Box 494
Virginia, NV 89440
Fx: 775-847-0904