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Civil Infractions

If you have received a civil infraction, you must respond to the Court not later than 90 calendar days after the date on which the civil infraction citation was issued.  You must either pay the citation or request a hearing by the 90-day deadline.  Our judicial clerks are allowed to approve certain statutory reductions and certain requests on civil infractions before this Court.  If you would like to speak to a judicial clerk, please call 775-847-0962.
You may pay the citation in full at or call 1-855-436-6811.  To ask about a payment plan or community service in lieu of the penalty and fees, please email us at or call us at 775-847-0962.  

You may also contest the citation by requesting a hearing.  To schedule a hearing, contact the Court in person, by mail, or via email at  A hearing will not be held earlier than 9 calendar days after the Court provides the Notice of Hearing.  A bond or cash deposit in the amount of the civil penalty, administrative assessments, and fees is required before a hearing will be held.  If you are unable to furnish a bond or cash deposit, you must submit an Application to Waive Civil Infraction Deposit.  The Court will make a determination on the waiver.  Bond or cash deposit, if required, must be paid before the hearing will be held.  

Subpoena forms are available on our Forms page.

Failure to request a hearing or pay by the deadline will result in the Court issuing a Default Judgment.  You may not appeal a Default Judgment.  A Default Judgment will result in your driver's license being suspended.  You may also be sent to collections.

Our judicial clerks are able to answer many of your questions.  They are not, however, allowed to give legal advice.