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Miners in Storey County must record either their notice of intent or proof of labor (depending upon which document they file) with the Recorder’s Office by November 1 of each year. If the claims are not filed by this date, the mine claim is no longer valid. Please note, miners also work closely with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in preparing their documents prior to recording with the Recorder’s Office.

State Law

State laws require filing the original location notice or certificate in the county recorder’s office. The proper county is the one in which your claim or site is located. Each mining claim type has its own requirement for when a location notice must be filed and recorded. The maximum period is 90 days from the staking of your claim or site on the ground.

Location notices must contain the following basic information (43 CFR Part 3832, Subpart A, and Part 3833, Subpart A):

  • The date of location on the ground
  • The names and addresses of the locator(s)
  • The name of the claim or site
  • The type of claim or site
  • The acreage claimed
  • A description of the parcel on the ground
Local printing companies, office supply stores, stationery stores, and BLM offices are sources for obtaining state location notice and certificate forms.

Abandonment or Relinquishment

If you abandon a mining claim or site or relinquish it to the Federal Government, you should file a notice with the proper county office and the BLM State Office. No particular form is required; a letter is acceptable. Be sure to include the claim or site name and the BLM serial number. There is no charge to file these documents.

?Recording Fee Schedule for Mining Documents

Notice of Location (all) $22.00  247.305, 517.190
Certificate of Location (Lode, Mill, Tunnel, Relocated COL)
$22.00 + $10.00 per claim (DOM)

 247.305, 513.094, 517.185, 517.050, 517.140, 517.170, NAC 517.200 & NAC 513.315
Certificate of Location (Placer) $22.00 + $10.00 per claim (DOM)  247.305, 513.094, 517.185 517.110, NAC 517.200 & NAC 513.315
Amended Certificate of Location (all) $22.00 + $10.00 per claim (DOM)

 247.305, 513.094, 517.185, NAC 517.200 & NAC 513.315, AG Opinion 85-18
Notice of Intent to Hold/ Notice of Annual Labor/Assessment (all) $12.00 per document, $2.00 per claim,
$10.00 per claim (DOM)
 247.305, 523.094, 517.185, 517.230, NAC 517.200 & NAC 513.315
Mining Map (Lode, Mill, Tunnel) $15.00 per claim
$12.00 per Map
 517.040, 517.185
NAC 517.200 & NAC 513.315
Mining Map (Placer) $1.00 per acre $12.00 per Map  517.100, 517.185
NAC 517.200 & NAC 513.315
Amended Mining Claim Map $12.00 per map PLUS either 
$1.00 per acre (placer) OR $15.00 per claim (all others)
 247.305, 517.185
NAC 517.200 & NAC 513.315

For more information on the cited statutes please visit: NV Legislature