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Have you ever been curious what a deputy does? What other positions help run law enforcement in Storey County? Here’s your opportunity to get to know Storey County’s Sheriff's Office. And, if you’re interested in joining our team, browse through our current openings.


As the head of the law enforcement agency, the Sheriff directs the Storey County Sheriff's Office in all activities pertaining to the protection of life and property of county residents, visitors, and businesses. The Sheriff is an elected official and manages a staff of 28 paid employees, 12 volunteer employees, and a fleet of approximately 15 marked and unmarked vehicles.

The Sheriff develops and implements plans, policies, and service programs; they also supervise staff in enforcing the directives of the office.


The Undersheriff is second in command of the Storey County Sheriff's Office. In this role, the Undersheriff serves as the Chief Administrator and Executive Officer to the Sheriff. The Undersheriff responsibilities include strategic operations and oversight of all Storey County Sheriff's Office Divisions. 

  • Undersheriff Eric Kern

Assistant Sheriff

This position oversees and provides guidance and support to:

  • Sergeants
  • Investigations
  • Detention Facility
  • Communications

The Assistant Sheriff also provides statistical data to the Sheriff for strategic planning and assists with administrative duties, such as budget, policy formation, enforcement, and scheduling.

This is a uniformed position that fills in where needed in the patrol and detention divisions.

  • Assistant Sheriff Matthew Willette - Patrol and Investigations Divisions
  • Assistant Sheriff Jonathan Dietrich - Detention and Communications Divisions
Civil and Records Divisions

The Civil and Records Divisions are responsible for processing civil and service paperwork, processing permits/licenses, and processing fingerprint services. These divisions are also responsible for records processing and retention. 

  • Administrative Office Manager Erika Wall


The Storey County Sheriff’s Office Sergeants oversee the day to day activities of deputies in the Patrol and Detention Divisions. They:

  • Conduct uniform and vehicle inspections
  • Correct and approve reports
  • Handle scheduling and training
  • Provide guidance and assistance to deputies as needed
  • Respond to calls for services


  • Sergeant Joseph Welch, Administrative 
  • Sergeant Brooke Beaumont, Patrol Division
  • Sergeant Lance Andres, Patrol Division
  • Sergeant Daniel Gaunt, Detention Division

Investigations Division/Detective

Detectives gather facts and evidence for criminal cases they have been assigned. They gather evidence through informants, by interviewing witnesses, and by observing, monitoring, and recording the activities of known or suspected criminals.


  • Detective Christopher Hamblin


Storey County deputies are the backbone of the agency. Most of the deputies are specifically tasked to:

  • Apprehend violators
  • Assist citizens as needed while maintaining the professionalism and integrity our county deserves
  • Patrol the county
  • Prevent and detect criminal acts

Their goal is to provide the safest environment possible for our citizens and visitors. Some deputies are assigned to the jail. This is a specifically taxing assignment because these deputies have the responsibility to provide for the constant care and custody of those individuals incarcerated in the county jail.

Administrative Assistants

The administrative assistant positions are responsible for a wide array of functions to ensure the Sheriff’s Business Office runs smoothly. Duties include:

  • Ordering supplies
  • Paying bills
  • Processing work cards
  • Records processing and retention

The Storey County Sheriff's Office administrative assistant fulfills a vital role in maintaining the administrative functions of the Sheriff’s Office.