Due to COVID-19 concerns, the planning office is closed to walk in traffic.  If you need assistance, we are happy to help you by phone, email or by appointment.  Please leave any documents, applications, maps, etc. at the Commissioner’s Office for delivery to the Planning Dept.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Do not hesitate to Contact us at 775-847-1144 and

Kathy Canfield, Senior Planner: 775.847.1144.

Lyndi Renaud, Planning Assistant 775.847.1144 or

The Storey County Planning Department promotes the sound development and redevelopment of the county through the application of modern planning principles and growth management concepts. The Planning Department plays a key role in creating and coordinating the development, adoption, and implementation of the county's master plan and planning policies.

The department provides both current and long-range planning services to the public and other stakeholders in the county. The Storey County Planning Department functions in compliance with Nevada Revised Statutes and Storey County Code as applicable to land-use planning.