Existing Businesses

Storey County recognizes the value in the businesses already established in our community. The Storey County Economic Development Department, therefore, places a heavy emphasis on forging and maintaining a strong partnership with existing companies to help position their business for more and more success each year. Our staff visits with companies regularly to learn more about how their business is performing and the opportunities and challenges facing the company.

Economic Advantages

The Storey County Economic Development Department has helped existing businesses through the expansion process (locating available land, larger buildings, etc.), modified zoning codes when deemed necessary, and assisted in taking advantage of the State of Nevada’s employer services.

Visit the Nevada website to see which services are offered through the state.

Industrial Fairs

Storey County recognizes the fact that the businesses located here drive our success as a county - our economic success, our tourism success, and our success as a great place to live, work, and play.

Therefore, the Storey County Economic Development office holds periodic industrial fairs aimed at giving our employers an opportunity to network, thus providing a competitive advantage and arming them with the latest news in technology, recruitment, resources, and other pertinent business information.