Labor Market

Over the past 4 years Storey County has experienced steady labor force growth, with a 3% increase between 2001 and 2005, which is higher than the regional growth rate. Additionally, the area is expected to continue exceeding average national growth rates through 2010, with 6% additional growth.

Employment Base

Storey County has a large, local employment base, but its close proximity to neighboring Carson City, Sparks, Reno, and Dayton also makes it a short commute for residents of those communities.


Storey County is roughly 40 minutes from the University of Nevada, Reno and 30 minutes from Western Nevada Community College (in Carson City). Therefore, employers can easily offer education incentives to employees, as well as recruit from a large pool of educated prospective employees.

Right to Work State

Employees who work in Nevada, except on federal property or for a railway or airline, have a right to resign from union membership and not pay union dues or fees.


A new employer will be able to attract employees from an additional pool of about 33,100 underemployed workers in Northern Nevada.

Unemployment Data for Storey County

As of October 2005:

  • Total Labor Force: 2,089
  • Employment: 2,005
  • Unemployment: 84
  • Unemployment Rate (Local): 4%