Projects & Planning

Bid Results

VC Highlands Fire Storage Building

1705 Peru Roof Replacement 

Maintenance Planning

Storey County’s Public Works Department is responsible for all maintenance planning, which includes winter preparation services for public buildings and equipment. The department ensures all heaters are in working order and that the county’s vehicles and equipment are ready for snow removal procedures.

Wooden Sidewalks

A major part of Virginia City’s charm are the wooden sidewalks that creak as visitors walk along. Nothing says history as much as these sidewalks! The wooden sidewalks/boardwalks are the responsibility of the individual business owners. If you have any concerns about a specific section of the sidewalks, please bring your concern to the appropriate business owner.


Street Safety

To report a pothole or advise the county of a potentially dangerous intersection, please contact our office. We will investigate the matter and coordinate with the appropriate agencies/companies to remedy the problem.


The Projects and Planning division for Storey County is handled by the Building and Planning Department