Civil Division

Please refer to the Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedures for specific information regarding civil actions. The following is only a brief overview. 


A civil action is brought to secure a legal remedy for individuals or corporate entities. Justice courts (courts of limited jurisdiction) have no jurisdiction/power to hear any case not specifically granted to the courts by statute. 

Our Court is able to issue protective (restraining) orders in cases of domestic violence, stalking and harassment, sexual assault, and workplace harassment.

Justice courts have jurisdiction over most civil actions where the amount of damages in controversy does not exceed $15,000.  

About Civil Cases

Proceedings in civil cases are formal hearings with the purpose of dispensing justice between parties. Both the plaintiff and defendant may be represented by attorneys. The parties may also represent themselves.

NRS 4.370 to read more about jurisdiction.


The court has provided this information as a courtesy only. Many law matters involve complex and valuable legal rights. To protect your rights, you should consider consulting with an attorney. 
Our Court employees are always happy to help you. They are, however, prohibited from providing legal advice.