Small Claims

The whole process of Small Claims Court is to provide a quick, simple, effective, and inexpensive way for people to resolve their monetary disputes fairly. Small Claims Court is limited to granting money judgments only and cannot, for instance, order the return or replacement of an item. 

On our forms page, you will find forms and helpful instructions. Please remember that although our clerks are always happy to help you, it is against the law for them to offer legal advice.

Filing a Small Claims Complaint

We have provided general information and forms on our small claims Forms page. It is important to follow the instructions.  Before you file a complaint with the court, you are required to send a Demand Letter.  If you do have to proceed to filing a complaint, there will be a filing fees and other court forms to complete at filing.  Again, it is important to follow the instructions.   

If you are filing a complaint against a business, contact the Storey County
Business License Division to obtain the name of the licensee. If you are suing a corporation, and need to find out to whom service should be made, contact the Office of the Nevada Secretary of State. If you are filing a complaint against a governmental entity or employee, you will want to find out where to properly serve your complaint. In any event, the correct name(s) must appear on the complaint when the document is filed.

Answering a Complaint

We have provided forms and information on our Forms page.   

The provided information and forms are for the most common claims and are not designed for a specific case.  You may want to consult an attorney.